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What are the W3C Standards?

The World Wide Web Consortium which is popularly known as W3C is an Open Web Platform for application development. It is an independent organization created by Tim Berners-Lee that defines the standard format to be used by every website creating companies. No application can get completed without the rules and breaking of the rules can make your website absent from the search engine. This organization aims to establish the full potential for developing protocols and guidelines that assured a long time web growth.

The web world has a social worth that enables humans to communicate with each other, have a business through the online medium, and share knowledge with the mass. The W3C wants that every individual must benefit from this technology. And cultural, the geographical region should not become a barrier in this knowledge. With this, the W3C always work on its improvement and standardization. Moreover, it encourages people to follow the standards so that the community of the website can be viewed on the same platform without the limitation of the browser of the user.

Why W3C Standards for Web Development is important?

The website designed as per W3C Standards for XML and CSS assures that the website will function the same on any browser. With this, the website that uses W3C-compliant XCL and CSS coding also improves search engine optimization SEO by permitting search engine robots to “crawl” through websites faster and effectively. It also improves issues of accessibility, privacy, security, and internationalization. The W3C also helps to balance speed, fairness, public accountability, and quality on the internet. Such a website is cross-platform compatible which means working on any browser; they can also easily accessible via mobile phones, screen readers and text browsers, interactive televisions, etc. Additionally, these websites are cheaper because they use less bandwidth.

Why choose us?

We are proudly happy to announce that at a---------, we use W3C standards for designing and developing every website. Our W3C Standards for Web Development, Delhi, India has been the standards and their vision. The professional at our firm is actively participating in sharing knowledge that is constructing building trust in the world.

W3C Standards services offered by us:-
  • HTML and CSS
  • Scripting and Ajax
  • Audio and video formats
  • Graphics
  • Mobile Web device
  • Web content accessibility
  • Internationalization of website
  • Right of privacy of a website


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