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What is a Static Website?

The static websites are websites that have fixed content and webpage added in HTML code which can’t be easily changed. These websites don’t require any web programming or database design. Small websites use static webpages. On the other hand, a large website uses dynamic webpages, so it is easy to modify any change in the database record. Additionally, the Static website involves coding techniques. In these websites, the base is created on the Notepad then the HTML file will be uploaded with images and content to the webserver by using file transfer protocol. If you are looking for a Static Website Designing Agency, then we are here to serve you with the excellent Static Website Design.

Benefits of Static Website Design
  • Simple to create and easy to host
  • Complete control over the content
  • Cost lesser than other dynamic website design
  • Excellent navigation for search engines
  • Faster to download images and brochures
  • Web pages layout can be changed when desired
Why do you choose us?

We are recognized as one of the most excellent Web Designing Agency. Our web developer expert team design affordable Static websites that simply showcase your products and services online. As we know, a static website is one of the easiest and simple web services provided by the website designer. Our professional programming team creates such simple website pages that do not even require any content management system. Static websites are mainly opted by small businesses and brochure websites, so we serve online demonstrations for such websites. It will encourage prospective customers to purchase products and services. We create a powerful online presence for your business that can be utilized as a basis of intermediation to establish contact with valued customers.

Features of our static website designing services
  • Providing a top rank in various search engines like Google and yahoo
  • Updated to a dynamic adaptation
  • Search engine friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Domain Name as per satisfaction
  • Understandable content writing
Our Static Website Designing Services
  • Understanding the need of your business
  • Critical analyzing the customer requirement
  • Designing an impressive layout
  • Proper placement of ideal images, brochures in the layout of static website
  • Easy navigation on any browser


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